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More campaigns
  • National Smile Month

    National Smile Month is the largest and longest-running campaign to promote good oral health. Join us in educating, motivating and communicating positive oral health messages. Read more

  • Dental Buddy

    Dental Buddy is a series of free educational resources aimed at nursery and schoolchildren in order to increase the amount of time oral health is taught in the classroom. Read more

  • Safe tooth whitening

    The Tooth Whitening Information Group (TWIG) is working towards a safe and effective tooth whitening solution in the best interests of the public. To make tooth whitening safe for the public. TWIG consists of both members and representatives Read more


More appeals
  • HPV awareness and catch up programme

    We are raising money for HPV Action so they can raise awareness of HPV and fight for a catch-up programme for boys. Read more

  • Moveit4smiles

    Moveit4smiles is an oral health initiative with a simple aim - to get moving and raise money in the fight against mouth cancer. Read more

  • Support for the homeless

    Homeless charity Shelter estimates that there are more than 250,000 homeless people in the UK, most of which are not able to get their basic oral health needs tended to. Read more

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  • Support us with an Educational Grant

    An educational grant funds the oral health information leaflets, with accompanying web page. The information leaflets are a valued, reliable and trustworthy source of advice which explain a variety of dental procedures, treatments, conditions and diseases. Read more

  • Our corporate sponsors

    What we are able to do and the people we are able to help, simply wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable support of so many companies, brands and manufacturers from all over the world. Read more

  • Product Accreditation

    Assure consumers that your oral health care products are clinically proven and backed up by scientific evidence with Approval from the Oral Health Foundation's internationally recognised dental experts. Read more

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